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Day of DotNetNuke 2009 Attendee Registration Has Opened

Day of DotNetNuke 2009 That’s right!  The attendee registration for the Day of DotNetNuke has opened!  I know it’s a bit backwards, but due to our tight timeline, availability of certain options and features, we have had to open the attendee registration before the open call for speakers.  Typically, the registration would happen after or near the end of choosing all of the speakers and sessions.  We will do that right next year.

Since we opted to use the Microsoft Events registration process, and we needed additional information such as shirt size, we have been forced into a dual registration process.  If you register through the Day of DotNetNuke website, the process is quite simple, and should be navigated without much problem, if any.  If you first register through the Microsoft Events website, then you still need to register on the Day of DotNetNuke website.  Why?  This allows us to find out where in the world you came from, and more importantly, what size shirt we need to get for you.

Simply put, register for the Day of DotNetNuke on the registration page, then the Microsoft registration page.  Once again, the Day of DotNetNuke registration process will walk you through these two easy steps.

  1. Day of DotNetNuke Registration
  2. Microsoft Event Registration

Just to make it clear, the Microsoft registration really ensures that you will attend the event.  The Day of Day of DotNetNuke registration ensures that you will get the right shirt size, and you will be emailed any instructions and news required to be known before and after the event.  For example, we do not have a “news” section on the website.  The email you register with on the Day of DotNetNuke website will be used to send you information about things like the lunch, morning registration, raffle prizes, speaker materials, and more.

Now that you know all about the registration for the event, sign up now!  What are you waiting for?  Book your rental car, hotel, or just mark your calendar.  Be there, or you will definitely miss out on the DNN community event of the year!

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