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You Can Meet Mitchel Sellers, A DotNetNuke Wrox Author

I really haven’t stayed up with promoting this meeting as much as I normally would.  I must apologize for that.  But this is indeed an important meeting to attend if you ever have or plan on developing modules or providers in DotNetNuke.  We are very lucky to be able to welcome Mitchel Sellers to Orlando for our next ODUG meeting.  Why are we so lucky?…

Mitchel SellersYou might recognize Mitchel from his NUMEROUS DNN forum posts (top ten poster for over 2 years), his incredibly popular blog, the recently launched DNN Pages site, or his company, Iowa Computer Gurus.  Mitchel is also the author of the most definitive writing on DNN development to date, Professional DotNetNuke Module Programming, by Wrox.  He brings to us a wealth of knowledge that you will not be able to get anywhere else without paying a pretty large price tag.  Mitchel is coming to us to speak about Advanced DotNetNuke Module Programming.  In this session, he will walk us through some of the more advanced features available to DNN developers, allowing us the opportunity to increase our skill set, and in turn, deliver higher quality modules to our own clients and companies.

Do not miss out on this great opportunity!  Strengthen your DNN skills next Tuesday, May 5th.  There is more information on the ODUG website.  Make sure that you register to attend, to help us gauge the amount of food and beverages we should bring.  Our meetings always are, and always will be free.  For those that are used to us streaming our meetings, I cannot guarantee that the streaming will work.  Make sure that you attend if you can.

KForce Professional StaffingOur meeting is sponsored by KForce Professional Staffing.  Give them a try if you’re looking for work or hiring.  They also have a popular blog.

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