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Made a Family Favorite, Lumpia

For those of you that don’t know, I am German, American Indian, and Guamanian.  Did I confuse you with the last one?  If I did, that means that my Grandfather was shipped over here as a child during WWII from a little island in the middle of the Pacific, called Guam.  I used to more closely resemble my family in terms of my skin tone, but I rarely spend as much time in the sun as I used to.  Which was a lot of time…

My family takes pride in many things, not the least of them being cooking.  One of my favorite family recipes is for a food called Lumpia, which can very easily be described as a mini seafood egg roll.  They are absolutely delicious!  However, they take a long time to prepare.  For some reason, they are usually gone in a matter of minutes though.

I am not going to give you the entire recipe.  That’s partially because I do not give out family recipes, and also because for better or worse we learn to cook by sight, and not by any measurement.

The preparation process consists of cutting all of the ingredients to appropriate sizes, which mainly consists of dicing, but in the case of the carrots and cabbage, I cheat and purchase pre-cut bags.  Here is a picture of me preparing the lumpia.  Notice the delicious Skull Splitter beer on the table.  I recommend it.

Making or rolling each lumpia takes a long time.  I use a little bit of egg yolk as a bit of natural glue to hold the roll together.  But then comes the cooking step.  This part is easy, but can also take some time, as you have to deep fry each lumpia, and as a result you need to monitor the temperature of the oil to make sure they all cook right.  This time, I once again cheated and purchased a deep fryer for the home.  Here is a shot of that.

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