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Voting for DotNetNuke Issues in Gemini

Hopefully you all already know that Gemini exists.  If not, I will quickly tell you about it.  The actual word “Gemini” refers to the software by CounterSoft that DotNetNuke uses to accept, track, and manage bugs and feature development for the DotNetNuke project.  DotNetNuke exposes this to the community at http://support.dotnetnuke.com.  This is not a tutorial of how to use it.  Hopefully, it is intuitive enough to figure out.  Rather, I am going to focus on a single feature.

Most feature or bug trackers these days allow visitors to vote for an issue.  The idea behind this is to allow a community to help drive development efforts by letting project owners know what the most desired features or fixes are.  In terms of DotNetNuke, I am not sure how much this is looked at.  But just the same, it is there for us to use.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed, and hope that a DNN Core Team Member chimes in and lets us know.

Voting for an issue is quite simple, but it’s not obvious to the average visitor.  First, login, and find an issue that you like.  Next, look on the right side.  Towards the bottom of the right region, you will notice a “Vote” link.  Just click it.  That’s it!  Enjoy.

DotNetNuke SUpport Issue Voting

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