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Photos of Recent Community Events Posted

Facebook I just uploaded a lot of pictures to my Facebook profile, and also attached the photos to the ODUG group.  Below is a summary of the photographed events.

We recently had a DevConnections tweetup, partially sponsored by the Orlando DotNetNuke Users Group.  Darrell Hardy from Hardy Consulting was responsible for getting the ODUG in on that gig.  We had some high profile .Net community members attend such as Dino Esposito, Miguel Castro, Rachel Appel, and more.  It was a blast!  We even gave away a few copies of Professional DotNetNuke 5.

Another album has pictures from the Speaker and Volunteer party the day before the 4th Annual Orlando Code Camp.  I had been saying that I would go to this for every code camp, and I finally did this time.  I really wish I had been already doing this, as it was really cool to hang out with everyone before the code camp.

Finally, the last album I uploaded tonight contains pictures from the day and evening of the Orlando Code Camp.  The pictures were taken throughout the day in the DotNetNuke track, and at the after party.  Once again, I had never actually attended the after party, but I am glad I did this time.  It really was a great time!

I will write more about the Orlando Code Camp later, but in the meantime, I hope these pictures whet your appetite!  If you cannot view any of the albums, do a friend request.  Unfortunately, I don’t make all of the photos public.

Facebook Albums Screenshot

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