Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Open Source FeedHandler Module for DotNetNuke Released

I just released the WillStrohl.FeedHandler module for DotNetNuke websites.  This module is meant to be used to manage the RSS feeds for a DotNetNuke website.  Why?  There are many times when an RSS feed might render output that you are not happy with. 

For example, the image paths might be virtual, and not full paths.  If someone consumes and renders the feed, they would see broken images.  Another example would be with the core Announcements Module.  It’s output puts the module title before the announcement titles for each feed item.  In either case, you probably are not happy with the results.  This module aims to address that issue.

Here are the minimum system requirements for the module:

  • DotNetNuke:  4.06.02 +
  • .Net FrameWork:  2.0 +
  • SQL Server:  2000 +

Check out the module for yourself on DotNetNuke Forge, or go directly to its home at CodePlex.  All instructions and help resources will be found there as well.

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