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2009 Orlando Code Camp in 8 Days!

Orlando Code Camp 2009

The 4th Annual Orlando Code Camp is literally days away.  There is plenty of exciting content, and great speakers.  As usual, we are expecting people to fly in from various place to attend and speak.  Orlando Code Camp is primarily put on by the talented folks from the Orlando .Net User Group (ONETUG).  They are well-known for doing a fantastic job at all of their events, and especially with the code camp event.  From what I have seen and know, we are not going to be let down this year either.

Jessica Sterner and Fabio Honigmann, the President and Vice President of ONETUG, have been working their tails off making this event happen.  Them, along with their lengthy list of volunteers, sponsors, and the Central Florida .Net User Group (DNN site) and Space Coast .Net User Group (SCDNUG), have ensured that we have the best quality event that Orlando has to offer.  That is saying a lot.  Even though I am admittedly biased, I have been all over the state attending and speaking at various code camps and events.  So far, the Orlando Code Camp remains as my favorite.

So, most of my readers are DotNetNuke folks… What’s in it for you?  You may already know, but we have been planning a DotNetNuke track for this event, as well as the previous code camp in South Florida.  This code camp will have our original plan in action.  We will have a track full of accomplished people in the DNN community.  All but me are published authors as well.  The plan is to have a well-rounded track, where we start you off on the basics of DNN, and then wrap up all of the days information into a final session where you will be shown how to build a DNN website, using the skills gathered throughout the day.  I have written about it in previous blog posts, so here is a brief synopsis of each session.

  • Introduction to DotNetNuke 5 by Brian Scarbeau – Brian will walk us through the installation and upgrade of a DotNetNuke 5 website.  He will also show us some of the features that DNN gives us, as well as a cool module implementation.
  • DotNetNuke 5 Architecture by Darrell Hardy – For those that do not know, DNN has an extensive and robust API that we are able to take advantage of, but most of us don’t to the fullest of our abilities.  Darrell is going to show us what we’re missing here.  It’s something of a “peek under the hood” session, where we get to see how and why certain portions of the DNN API function the way that they doo.
  • DotNetNuke 5 Module Development by Stan Schultes – If you haven’t built any DNN modules yet, or just want to brush up on your skills, this session is definitely for you.  I am sure there will be plenty of information that you though you knew, and didn’t.
  • DotNetNuke 5 Advanced Skinning by Ryan Morgan – Ryan does a fantastic job in all areas of DNN, and this area I think he more passionate about than any other.  He goes into great detail on how we can and should build a skin in DNN, keeping performance, semantic design, and SEO in mind.  Since I am also a passionate skinner, this is my favorite session.  You do not need to know how to build a skin to attend this session.  Beginners will get plenty out of this session.
  • DotNetNuke 5 Widgets by Will Strohl – Be here or be square!  This will be by far the best session out of the entire day.  If you miss my session, you will be immersed in bad karma, and you’ll have a bad day. ;)  Seriously, in this session I will walk everyone through the widget API, review the DNN core widgets, and show you how to build your own widget.
  • Advanced DotNetNuke 5 Management by Tracy Wittenkeller – We are very lucky to have Tracy with us at this code camp.  He will be taking all of the information you gathered throughout the day, and showing you how to put together your very own DNN web site.  This session is going to be very valuable, as it will show you how to implement DNN from the administrator’s or content manager’s point of view.

As you probably are already noticing, this track is designed and intended for you to sit in all day long to get all of the most important information about DotNetNuke.  Hopefully, that is exactly what you do.  :)  Every speaker will have DotNetNuke books to give away as well, so make sure you attend!

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