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Next ODUG Meeting: SEO by Tom Kraak of Seablick

Tom Kraak - Seablick Consulting On Tuesday, April 7, 2009, the Orlando DotNetNuke Users Group (ODUG) is welcoming Tom Kraak.  Tom is a very well-known consultant in the DotNetNuke eco-system for his work as an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert.  His specialty these days appears to be in DNN implementations.  While he also provides other services and support in his day job at Seablick, he has been also contributing to the new DNNVoice podcast with Chris Hammond, and is the President of the Connecticut DotNetNuke User Group (DNNCT).

At our next ODUG meeting, Tom will be walking us through an introduction of how to leverage basic SEO techniques to strengthen the web presence of our DNN websites on the various search engines.  I for one am truly excited to attend this session.  SEO is a constantly changing expertise, and despite the large amount of information available to us, there still remains many misconceptions about what we should and should not do.

If you haven’t attended an ODUG meeting yet, you’re really missing out.  We have a really great time networking with each other, talking about DNN, and just plain out having fun.  We always have plenty of giveaways, and great food.  There will be more great prizes at our next meeting, as our UGSS (CodeZone) user group kit just arrived today.

Following the meeting, we always have our little social gathering, where many of us hang out and shoot the breeze.  I must say that some of the best networking has happened at this after event party.

More details on our meeting and future meetings can be found on the ODUG website.  I hope we see you there.

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