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Changing the Visual Studio 2008 Startup Page Content

During my day today, I stumbled across something with the help of my followers and followees on twitter.  In all actuality, I should already know this little trick, but when I fire up Visual Studio, the last thing I want to do is fish through the settings.  I am simply interested in coding, and if you’re reading this, you probably feel the same way.  Anyhow, let’s get to why you are reading this blog entry.

When you start Visual Studio, you’re certainly used to seeing the start up page.  This page has all of the latest Microsoft marketing and development blogs.  However, after a quick poll, I found out that most folks feel the same way that I do.  First, it usually takes too long for the RSS feed to load up, and second, we usually don’t look at it anyway.  So what can we do about this?  We can do a few things.

In order to change the way that Visual Studio starts up, we need to turn to the Options dialog in the Tools menu.

Tools Menu > Options Dialog

The Options dialog will open, defaulting to the Environment node.  Select the Startup sub-node.  You will have the following options to manage the start up of Visual Studio.  Choose the option that best suits you, and click OK.  When you start Visual Studio again, the selected option will be executed.

Options Dialog: Environment > Startup

However, there is another option.  If you want content that is more relevant to you, you can change the RSS URL to one that contains your favorite blog or news feed.  For my example, I changed mine to import the blogs from DotNetNukeBlogs.com

Options Dialog: Changing to Use DNNBlogs.com on Startup

Now, when the Visual Studio IDE is loaded, we will see something more relevant.

Visual Studio 2008 Customized Startup Page

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