Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Is Your G1 (Google Phone) Battery Draining Faster Today?

If your G1 phone, otherwise called the Google phone, seems to be losing its charge faster today, than it normally does, that’s probably because it is.  As of today, one of the most popular Android applications began charging for their program.  The program is called Power Manager.  It is the most important application you can possibly install on the G1, as it helps to make your battery life last longer.  This application does more than just say that it will save battery life.  Once it is set up to save power according to your usage patterns (which you set), it makes an incredible difference.  For me, that meant only charging my phone once a day, compared to the typical owners that charge theirs 2 or more times a day.

As of today though, all of our dreams are shattered.  The Power Manager application is no longer free.  I went in to check my settings because my phone appeared to be visibly draining itself of power.  When I did, Power Manager let me know that my trial had expired.  Wha…?  I unfortunately had to pay the extraordinary amount of $0.99 USD to keep using the application.  Truth be told, that is a steal.  I just wanted to gripe. ;)

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