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WillStrohl.CookieCheck Module for DotNetNuke, Explained

Following the creation of the WillStrohl.Injection module, I was on a roll.  So I quickly readapted a private module I had to be another public module.  This happened to become the WillStrohl.CookieCheck module, also available on DotNetNuke Forge and CodePlex.

Unlike many modules out there, this module is very simple to manage, and even more simple to use.  In short, it just works.  First of all, it has been tested to work with DotNetNuke version 4.06.02 and up.  When you install it, and drop it on one of your DNN pages, it will inherit the container setting just like any other module.  It will look similar to the following screen shot.

WillStrohl.CookieCheck Module: Edit Mode

It is suggested that you either change the container to one without any editing or graphical elements, or just disable the container.  Disabling the container, is done like shown in the following image.

WillStrohl.CookieCheck Module: Disable Container

Now that the container is disabled, you should also make sure that the module is in the Top Pane, and added to every page.  Here is the setting to add it to every page.

WillStrohl.CookieCheck Module: Display on All Pages

Now, when the average website visitor comes to your site, they will see the page just like you'd expect.  The module will be hidden out of view.  However, if their cookies are disabled, they will see this:

WillStrohl.CookieCheck Module: Cookies Disabled View

If you do not like the format or the text, do not worry.  The text is fully localized, and the format is CSS changeable.  The link sends the visitor to a Google page that explains how to enabled cookies.

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