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Truck Fire at My Office Today

UPDATED! There is a video from a co-workers cell phone that captures me taking a picture of our CEO taking a picture of the commotion. Scroll down to see it...

I wear noise cancellation headphones most of my day at work in an attempt to block out unwanted distractions, and to get some great sounds from my Pandora stations.  This afternoon, there was a sound that I couldn't block out.  I kept hearing the fast clatter of high heels in the office.  I even saw a few of the women here talking loudly, and running past my office.  Curiosity got the best of me, so I got up and followed the noise to its source.

I made it to our back door, but on the way I began to get a whiff of a familiar smell.  It smelled like electrical wires burning.  Whew! Stinky!  As I approached the back door, there were people circled around it, and it was clear that no one wanted to exit.  I had no idea what was up, so I made my way out the door.  Here is what I saw once outside:

Whoa! I have never been that close to a vehicle fire, and never saw one this earlier during it's burn.  The smell was horrendous!  I immediately made my way back inside to avoid the smell and smoke. 

As it turns out, the truck belongs to one of our accountants, and the fire was caused by the battery exploding.

I was back at my desk, attempting to get some work done, when a began to faintly hear yells through my headphones again.  The firemen arrived, and wanted the building cleared.  Good thing I am not deaf!  Though I was told that it would have been my fault for wearing headphones.  Yeah, right.  We had to wait outside while the firemen and firewomen did their thing.  ("Firemen" validates in spell check, but not "firewomen?")  Nothing else of interest happened, so here are the rest of the photos.

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