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Happy Day For the DotNetNuke Community

I must admit that I was even more worried than I let on in my previous blog post.  Those that follow me on twitter probably have a very good idea how worried I was. Sorry to all of my followers that may have gotten flooded with tweets today.  Yes, I am talking to you too, @devfish. ;)

To summarize, the press release yesterday basically stated that the Community (free) Edition of DotNetNuke was only meant for non-production or testing sites, while the Professional (paid) Edition was meant for production websites.  Just from that description, you may already notice the problem there.  Anyhow, I am moving on.

That statement was bad enough.  However, I immediately began openly asking questions in my normal avenues of Internet communication.  Those avenues afford me the privelege of being able to occasionally have the ear of people like Joe Brinkman or Nik Kalyani.  This time though, no one in the high of a leadership level at DNN Corp was responding.  This really began to concern me.  It is usually typical for one of them to chime in and say something to clarify any questions.  Unfortunately, the stars were not aligned for this. 

I realized today that I have become spoiled having that avenue of communication available to me.  I will need to work on that moving forward.

Apparently, everyone of interest was enroute to the Seattle area for various reasons, the main being the MVP Summit. 

Later in the day today, Joe Brinkman finally found a moment to come back to twitter.  He immediately contacted me.  I guess my intended level of control made a nuisance.  Sorry Joe.  I really am.

Joe informed me of a blog post made by the DotNetNuke CEO, Navin Nagiah.  Needless to say, I rushed to read it.  While I was disappointed that Navin didn't specifically address the content of the statement, he did an outstanding job of explaining away the press release comment as a mistake.  Bravo!

So, at least for now, all of you in the DotNetNuke community have nothing to worry about.  I say that with the fullest of confidence right now.

In Closing...

In closing, I would like to say something to anyone that may read this in the higher levels of leadership in the DNN Corporation.  Please do not underestimate the fragile condition of the community right now.  The forum thread levels may not show it, but at every user group meeting and code camp I go to, I am barraged with concerns about the future of the Community Edition of the project (emails, IMs, twitter, and so on).  The community is genuinely uneasy, as they really have no information to go off of.  They feel ignored.  They feel abandoned.  They feel unimportant.

You and I know this is not the case.  But remember, "A person is smart. People are dumb, dangerous animals."

If I was not pouring my heart into the promotion and progression of the DNN community myself, I would not feel as strongly about this.  But I am plugged into and devoting time, effort, emotion, resources, and so much more on a daily basis to the DNN movement.  I believe in it so much, and I have my ear to the ground, hearing the whispers about all kinds of speculation.  This speculation only exists because no one knows what is going on.

DotNetNuke Corporation, you MUST do a much better job of keeping the community in the loop.  Lack of information only fuels suspicion, speculation, and imagination.  Information provides knowledge, and fuels confidence, inspiration, motivation, and keeps the community feeling that warm fuzzy. ;)

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