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What If You Don't Want Skin Widgets Enabled?

There may be times or installations where you might want to prevent or disable the use of the new Widget feature in DotNetNuke 5.  Why would you want to do that?  I don't know, but you do.  :)

Perhaps you don't want to allow the client-side overhead, or maybe you don't want content editors to put skin widgets into the Text/HTML Modules.  In any case, you have the ability as the Portal Admin to enable and disable skin widgets per portal.

Go to your Admin Menu, and select the Site Settings page.  In the Basic Settings > Appearance section, there is a simple checkbox that will be used to enable or disable the skin widgets in DotNetNuke.

DotNetNuke 5 - Skin Widget Setting

Simply check or uncheck the checkbox as appropriate to enable/disable the skin widgets for the portal.

So how does it work?  By default, that checkbox is checked.  When it is checked, the DNN core adds the following script into the HTML markup:


If the checkbox is unchecked, that file is NOT added.  However, one thing confuses me.  There is another file there called init.js.  In just looking at the code alone, it would seem that this file should be added to the markup in the place of initWidgets.js, but that is simply not happening.  In turn, the DotNetNukeAjaxShared.js file is not loaded either.  Hopefully, I am dead wrong.  :)

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