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Upgrading DotNetNuke to Use the Latest jQuery Version (Part 2)

In my previous blog entry about jQuery and DotNetNuke, I showed you how to upgrade the jQuery version in DotNetNuke.  However, there is something that I missed, and failed to mention.

In the Host Settings, you would originally see this in DotNetNuke 5 before we upgrade the jQuery version.

Host Settings - jQuery version 1.02.06

You may think that we'd have to check the database or a config file somewere to update the jQuery version number after we upgrade.  However, that is not the case.  Following the jQuery file update, you should take a pass at the Host Settings page again.  This time, you will see that even though the only thing you did was switch out the JavaScript library file, the new version number is automatically picked up for you.

Host Settings - jQuery version 1.03.01

Pretty cool, huh?  I love autodetection!  :)

Unfortunately, the jQuery version is not yet in the Dashboard.  However, I opened an issue in Gemini to hopefully have it added in a future DNN version.

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