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Ham & Eggery in Miami, Florida

On my way back to the hotel from the South Florida Code Camp, I noticed a van that looked just like the "Mystery Machine" from the famed Scooby Doo cartoon.  This morning, I made it a point to drive back home the same way to show the van to Kim.  Sure enough, it was still there!

The Dream Machine in front of the Ham & Eggery in Miami, FL

I sure wish I'd run into this van right after the paint job was done...  :(

Once we pulled up to it, we noticed that it was in front of a breakfast restaurant.  As it happens, we were looking for a breakfast restaurant.  I guess it was fate.  After snapping a couple of pictures of the van, we went inside to have breakfast at the Ham & Eggery on 167th street in Miami.  Kim and I decided to sit at the counter.

Ham & Eggery - Sitting at the Counter View

We were immediately surprised with the very hospitable staff, and rustic appeal of the inside of the establishment.  It was very southern-looking, as it should be.  It had a western feel to it though.  When we asked for lemons for our teas, we were instead given limes, since they do not always carry lemons.  Kim and I only experienced that in Texas, so I asked if the owners were Texan.  Nope.  They are Pakistani!  Heh... Didn't see that coming.

Ham & Eggery MenuI am a HUGE fan of bacon and corned beef hash.  I am usually disappointed to find most places not serving corned beef hash.  However, the Ham & Eggery had several items on their menu featuring corned beef hash, including a corned beef hash omlette!  Oh boy!

We ordered, and I began looking around at the decorations and just taking in the overall atmosphere.  I noticed that on one of the walls, there was something familiar framed.  In each frame was the front of a cereal box from the 80's!  Among them was Gremlins, Mr. T, and Count Chocula!

Ham & Eggery - 80's Cereal Box Wall

We received our food after a while.  I ordered quite a bit, as I wanted to be sure to get my energy for the drive home.  (That, or I just wanted to over eat and taste some great food!)  I had corned beef hash, eggs (over easy), hash browns, bacon, and biscuits & gravy.  

Ham & Eggery - My breakfast

I ordered the biscuits & gravy because one of the servers claimed it to be the best in town.  I immediately set upon trying them first, as I am very critical of biscuits & gravy.  Being raised southern, I always compare them to my Grandmother's.  The first taste quickly reminded me that the owner is from Pakistan, as there were was a spice in the gravy that I could not name, but did recognize.  Delicious, but unexpected.

Overall, this place has good ol' southern breakfast down pat!  They would be difficult to be beat.  There was a great flavor in every bite of every food.  I found out while I was eating why.  If you are not a food lover, you may not know that a griddle or grill should not be spic-and-span clean.  It is supposed to retain a bit of what was cooked on there before.  If the grill is replaced of cleaned 100%, the flavor of the food changes completely.  To the uninitiated, the grill probably would look dirty and nasty.  

I had a long view into their kitchen at one moment when one of the servers accidentally let the door stay open.  I watched the cooks work for a while while I ate my meal.  Our server eventually noticed, and closed the door.  :(  Oh well.  I guess she feared what I fear.  Someone may see the kitchen and get turned off from the place.

If you are ever in the Miami area, look up the Ham & Eggery on 530 NE 167th Street.  It will probably have the Dream Machine out front, and plenty of homestyle food and people on the inside.  It will be the best breakfast you have had in years, or ever!

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