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Movie Review: Push

When I see the trailer for the newest super hero genre film, Push, I immediately think of my favorite series, Heroes.  I don't know why, but I really hope that wasn't the intention of the Director.  If it was intentional, it is a mistake...  The movie is nothing at all like Heroes.  Therefore, the trailer gives off the wrong impression, leaving you feeling "robbed" of your movie expectations.

The movie centers around Chris Evans, whom you may remember playing The Flash in the Fantastic Four movies.  His character has a stereotypical daddy issue, having watched his father get murdered.  Evans has been doing his best to stay below the radar so that he could avoid being found by a U.S. government agency.

A halfway grown up Dakota Fanning enters into the film, asking for Evans' assistance in saving her mother.  An action packed cat and mouse game ensues, while two sets of bad guys are trying to stop Evans and Fanning.

The script was interesting.  Most times, it was completely predictable, and other times you felt completely lost.  The movie did not flow well as a result.  In fact, I found myself feeling bored halfway through the flick.  The actors were great, especially Dakota.  One important thing to note is that she really sucks at acting drunk.  There is a scene were she is supposedly drunk, but it was not at all realistic.

The opening credits were very boring as well.  We were given a crash course in the terminology that the writers wanted to use.

All-in-all, I would love to tell you to rush out and see this movie in the theaters, but I just wouldn't feel right doing so.  This is definitely a movie that you want to wait for there DVD.

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