Will "the Mighty" Strohl

Home Depot Failed Me Today

I am moving to a new office very soon.  One of the things that I needed to do is make a copy of the key that I need to access and secure the door on my new office.  Simple enough, right?  Nope.

I went to Home Depot to do this, mainly because I am not aware of anywhere else near where I work that provides the service at the same speed.  Unfortunately, there are no other hardware stores around me, so supporting small businesses in this case is not really an option where I work.

Anyhow, I walked in and had two new keys made from the original.  If you have not been to Home Depot to make new keys anytime in the last few years, you will not know that they have a really cool machine that mostly automates the making of keys now.  They used if for me.

When I cam back to work, neither of the copied keys worked.  FAIL!  :(  Drats!  I will have to try again tomorrow, and waste more time and gas.

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