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January 2009 ONETUG Meeting Review - XNA Gaming by Joel Martinez

As you probably already know, I pumped up the last ONETUG meeting a lot.  That was primarily because they were talking about XNA.  I love to watch XNA demos.  I just wish there was more time in the day to play with it myself.

The meeting had well over 40 people registered attend.  However, I think that they had a lot more than 50 show up.  We had to pull out extra chairs, and we ran out of food and drinks. 

The ONETUG Vice President, Fabio Honigmann, was by himself trying to get things ready, and he was already running behind.  He asked me to help by working the registration table, and I was more than happy to oblige. 

There were some great things to note.  First, Fabio was able to work out a deal with a local audio/visual company to film the ONETUG meetings for free.  They were there in full force that night, doing a promo video in conjunction with their typical video services.  Their video and lighting equipment quickly put my single webcam and HD camera to shame.  :)  I thought of asking them to trade cameras, but I doubt it would have had the reaction I would've wanted.

I was of course able to promote the ODUG before, during, and after the ONETUG meeting.  In fact, I managed to recruit another ODUG member while there.  I found someone that was just thinking about using DotNetNuke, and he said it was "a sign" that I was there.  Awesome!

I always have my ODUG materials out there for people to pick up, and I try to wear my ODUG attire too.  That night, I had my Open Force Connect - Orlando shirt on.

Joel Martinez was finally able to get started after a while.  He did a great job.  However, I didn't pay as much attention as I should have, since I had already seen much of what he spoke about during a previous presentation.  I kept myself busy preparing an ODUG newsletter to send out. 

Joel's demos were great.  There were a great many times when he would show a little bit of AI or other features, and the entire room would go, "Ooooo...," or, "Ahhhhh..."  For instance, there is a very easy way in XNA to put a 3D sky into your game, or manage lighting.  It's friggin incredible!!!

Here are a couple of pictures of the meeting that I took while I tweeted...

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