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My Blog RSS Feed URL Has Moved

For those of you that don't know, Google acquired Feedburner some time ago.  In doing so, Google immediately set out to move the service to their own servers.  However, that comes at a cost to those of us who use this service.

However, Google did a fantastic job of making this process as painless as possible.  Through a few simple clicks, and about a 1 minute waiting period, my feed was moved.  There was only one more thing to do...  I needed to update my website's syndication links.

I have my blog syndication links in two places.  First, is the large RSS icon on the left column, and then the Feedburner widget just below it.  Changing the linked image is easy enough.  Then, I went into the Google Feedburner website to see if the widget code has changed.  Yes, it has.  I quickly copied the new markup, and pasted it in the place of the previous widget.

All in all, this process took about 5 minutes, max!  Here is my new blog feed URL:


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