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Reminder: February 2009 ODUG Meeting This Tuesday

This coming Tuesday is only 2 days away... On February 3rd, Darrell Hardy from Hardy Consulting will be giving a walk through of the DotNetNuke 5 API code libraries.  I am especially excited about this presentation.  You should be too!

DotNetNuke 5: A Peek Under the Hood by Darrell Hardy
[see event information to register and for location/time details]

I would like to invite you to attend this meeting even if you're not a programmer.  "Why," you ask?  It's simple...

  1. Being familiar with what the API can do will help you answer many of your own questions of what DotNetNuke and the various DNN modules can, and cannot do for you.
  2. This is not a programming presentation.  It is an informational presentation.  There are many back-end features that are in the DNN API that most people simply do not know about.
  3. Network with other non-programmers and programmers that come to our meetings that probably will benefit from knowing at some point.

The last item is really my main goal for at least the immediate future of the ODUG.  I have attended several meetings at other user groups, and I feel that this is an area that needs more attention across the board - face-to-face social networking.

I have a goal going forward to really highlight the in-person social networking aspect of our ODUG meetings.  We simply do not get enough out of sitting in a chair and then leaving.  I want us to all know each other, and benefit each other.

So, no matter if the next meeting fits your job title or not, bring your business cards, and have a slice of pizza!  It is my sincerest goal to make every meeting valuable to all ODUG members, regardless of job title. 

Above all, remember to REGISTER for the meeting.  ;)  I hope to see you there!

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