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Customizing the DotNetNuke Error Page

CAUTION:  While the following is a useful change and should be used to promote your own branding, it is technically a core code change.  Your changes will be overwritten during an update of the DNN site.  Document your changes to propogate them should you upgrade your site.

Applying your own branding to the DotNetNuke error page is very easy.  DotNetNuke exposes the error page as a template file.  You can find the template file in the following directory:


The UnderConstruction.htm file is generated using the template HTML file.  They are both just standard HTML.  You can edit them as needed.  MAKE SURE that you edit the template file, as it will be used to regenerate the UnderConstruction.htm file, if needed.

I will not go into any detail on how to edit the HTML file.  It is just a standard HTML file.  You can apply your own logo, styles, and more.  However, doing so will turn your website's error page from this:

Default Error Page in DotNetNuke

To this:

Customized DotNetNuke Error Page

This is probably one of the easiest things to change in DNN.  But I once again must warn you that this is a core code change.  Document this change so that you can apply it, should you upgrade DotNetNuke.

DotNetNuke Core Suggestion

This file should be exposed to skinners so that a core code change is not necessary.  We should not have to change the core code to apply our company branding to the error page.

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