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January CDUG Meeting - Outsiders Perspective

Since I live in Orlando, commuting to Washington D.C. to tonights CDUG meeting wasn't exactly an option.  Thankfully, Antonio Chagoury runs the user group, and he streams the meetings for folks like me that cannot make it.

Tonight, INETA sponsored Joe Brinkman to speak at the CDUG.  Joe focused his talk on the use of jQuery in DotNetNuke.  Being a DNN Core Team member, and the DNN Corporation's VP of Core Technology, I think he knows a thing or two about jQuery and how it can be leaveraged in DNN.  ;)  One thing that I shouldn't have been surprised at was that Joe was doing all of his demos of jQuery using the core Text/HTML Module.

I missed the very beginning of the meeting.  If it were not for Antonio tweeting about it, I would have missed the whole thing.

Unfortunately, streaming anything right now is not like television. So you do not always have the angles or close-ups that you'd want.  Occassionally, Joe would zoom in on his code, and that helped a lot!  The sound was great though.  We would hear everything loud and clear.

During the times when we couldn't see any code, there was quite a bit of chatter in the stream's chat room.  At one point, two members of the jQuery team showed up and we have some great back and forth.  They were offering additional resources and links that directly related to what Joe was speaking about.  I have never before felt that I gained anything from being in a chat room.  :)

One thing that I was impressed with was that the highest number of concurrent users I saw watching the user group meeting was 12!  That's great.

My overall impression is that the meeting went great.  Things that I think might be able to be done a little better for remote attendees are:

  • Chat room participation by one or more physical attendees
  • Encourage the speaker to zoom in on code more often

That's it!  That is my hard-hitting criticism!  :)  Antonio does a fine job with his user group.  They are lucky to have him.

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