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Absentee Parenting 101

I just came across a topic that I know I MUST let you know about. I have blogged about parenting one time before. I am going to do so again. However, I should do it much more often. Watch any news program or playground and you will be slapped in the face with how obvious it is that the word parent is no longer applicable to most of today's "guardians".

Today we are being greeted more and more with parents who have split apart for various reasons. I am going to talk about the non-custodial parent today. Being the non-custodial parent is a highly risky proposition and this normally means that you are not living with your child. You run the risk of your child forgetting about you, calling another person their father/mother, and more. None of us are perfect, but there is no room for mistakes when you are the non-custodial parent.

No Excuses!
I am bring this up for two reasons. First, there should not be any excuse for a parent to not regularly contact their child. Second, I know the person I am speaking about will eventually read this. The most recent excuse I heard for not contacting their children was from a father. He said that he did not contact the children more because he did not want to deal with the mother. The follow-up excuse was the person did not know how to be a father because he never had one. Whoa!

It should not matter how difficult or easy it is to speak to the other parent. If you love your child, nothing should stop you from at least calling them every once in a while to find out how school is going or to say happy birthday.

All it takes to be a good parent is to make sure your child is safe, they receive a good overall education, and speak to them regularly. Express interest in what the child likes to do. Find out what they are learning in school. Ask them about their friends. These are simple things that can be done that will let your child know that you care for them. Easy as pie...

The bottom line is that the only excuse in the world to not communicate with your child is if you are dead.

This post is not meant to raise ill will or challenge the pride or ego of anyone. It is meant to hopefully cause at least one person to make better decisions in the interest of being a better parent. If this post makes just one parent pick-up the phone to talk to their child, I have done my job.

Short and sweet... Think about it.

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