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January 2009 ODUG Meeting Recap

The first ODUG meeting of 2009 really came together in a big way.  Many things came together at just the right time.

All these things, and more, made for a very good user group meeting.

We had 24 people register for the meeting this time around, and 19 showed up.  We also had a very consistent 6-7 people watching the meeting during through our live broadcast.

Ken Tucker, our INETA Sponsor and SCDNUG PresidentOur food and beverage sponsor, VACO, had food brought in from Cafe Tu Tu Tango.  The food was absolutely delicious!  If you ever have the opportunity to have their food, I HIGHLY recommend it.  We had asian beef ka-bobs and beef empanadas. There was also spinach dip, and these chip-like things that had melted and dried cheese on them.  Everything was melt-in-your-mouth, the meat and empanadas were tender, and incredibly tasty!  Thank you so much to VACO and Cafe Tu Tu Tango!  That really set the tone for the rest of the evening.VACO brought in our food sponsor, Cafe Tu Tu Tango, and also provided the beveragesCafe Tu Tu Tango supplied the ODUG with a delicious spread of food!

I went through the normal welcome speil that we go through for ODUG, DNN, and other community news, and promote the sponsors.  Then, I took my place at my station where I record and stream the meeting, and I also chat with online members.

The ODUG broadcast station

Our speaker was Stan Schultes.  Stan is a very seasoned, knowledgable and accomplished speaker.  He speaks on all kinds of .Net topics, but we mainly know him for his DotNetNuke presentations.  He traveled 2 hours to speak to the ODUG.  He didn't even stay the night.  He drove the 2 hours back last night.

Stan spoke to us about module development on the DotNetNuke 5 platform.  He just finished co-writing a Wrox book titled, Professional DotNetNuke 5, where he discusses the very same topic.  Stan took up every minute he could.  We could easily spend an entire day on module development.  It was a great presentation. His slides are available on his website.  There was a ton of information.  I was happy to hear from several people at the end of the meeting about how much they appreciated Stan and what he showed us.

Stan Schultes speaking about Module Development on DotNetNuke 5

We began giving out prizes just after 9pm.  We gave out some shirts and other Microsoft swag, Microsoft Press books, an O'Reilly book, a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, a Telerik control suite, an Infragistics control suite, and other prizes from the following ODUG sponsors: Snapsis, Smart-Thinker, OnyakTech, and DNNMasters.

Once the prizes were done, we cleaned up.  Lucky for me, everyone has been pitching in on the clean-up at the last few meetings.  Then we traveled 2.5 miles to the closest TGI Fridays and had a few brews with Stan Schultes and talked shop.  It was a great time.  Especially for me, since the Colts vs. Chargers game was being replayed on the NFL Network.

Overall, I must say that this was probably the best ODUG meeting to date.  I really had a great time, and many others have already told me that they feel the same way.

It is my goal to make the ODUG meetings as valuable and fun as possible.  Please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, or other feedback.  I always welcome criticism too!  :)

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