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ODUG Meeting Next Tuesday

Like most user groups, the ODUG meets once a month to discuss a specific topic.  This time around, our topic is DotNetNuke 5 Module Development.  Our speaker will be Stan Schultes.  Stan is a very professional and talented speaker, not to mention a very well known DNN evangelist in the Florida area.  Oh yeah, he has a ton of experience with web casts, AND he is a Microsoft MVP!  Did I mention that he is a co-writer for the upcoming Professional DotNetNuke 5 book from Wrox?  He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience with DotNetNuke.  We are very proud to have him.

Stan SchultesDuring our meeting, Stan will take nearly all of the 2 hours we have to speak about module development on the newly released DotNetNuke 5 platform.  Basically, you will get a live preview of what is in 4 of the chapters of the book he helped write.

I encourage EVERYONE that has ANY interest in DNN module development to attend.  If you know of anyone, tell them.  If you aren't local, watch our live stream of the event.

Kicking Off the New Year With BIG Prizes!

Those that attend get some awesome goodies!  We will have free food and refreshments, and a ton of really great prizes - including DotNetNuke prizes!  Following the meeting, we will have an after-event gather at TGI Fridays.  Sorry, there isn't a sponsor for this.  It is "buy your own".

If you're going to attend, or suggest to someone else to attend, the rest of the event information is on the ODUG website

IMPORTANT!  Please register to let us know you're coming.  It always has been and always will be completely FREE!

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