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December ODUG Community Videos Have Been Posted

You probably already know, but I video all of the ODUG and DNN community events that I can.  This includes ODUG meetings, code camps, and whatever else may happen.  On December 6th, we had a Code Camp in Tampa.  Then we had a user group meeting on the 9th of December.  We should have 4 videos from these events (3 from code camp, and 1 from the meeting), but I arrived too late to record one of my sessions.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a whole lot of room or resources at the Tampa Code Camp to get the screen as well as I'd wished.  Here is what has been posted:

DotNetNuke Administration Tips and Tricks by Will Strohl [video]
Venue: 2008 Tampa Code Camp

DotNetNuke 5 Module Development by Stan Schultes [video]
Venue: 2008 Tampa Code Camp

Malware: How it Affects You and Your Customers by Janie Whitty [video]
Venue: December 2008 ODUG Meeting

I apologize for not getting the screen all that well in the Tampa Code Camp videos.  Had I not gotten lost trying to find the event, I would have done better.

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