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ODUG News & End Of Year Newsletter Sent Out

I had to write the ODUG newsletter and send it out before the New Year, because our meeting is less than 2 weeks away.  This is an exciting time, as we are working on our second year of official existence, and we have some great speakers and content lined up for the first 3 months of 2009. 

In January, we have Stan Schultes speaking about module development in DotNetNuke version 5 (released less than a week ago).  Stan is a very accomplished speaker and Microsoft MVP.  He brings with him a great deal of knowledge.  This session should prove to be very good.  This meeting also marks the first time the ODUG will have an after-party following the meeting.

In February, we have Darrell Hardy speaking.  He will be talking about the inner workings of DotNetNuke.  He calls it, "DotNetNuke: A Peak Under the Hood."  I have have the exact details released soon.

The month of March has a surprise speaker coming in from out of state.  The final details are not yet ironed out.  Therefore, I cannot spill the beans just yet.  I will let you know as soon as I can.  It will definitely be exciting.

Our user group kit arrived about a week ago.  In it were some very cool prizes that our ODUG members will certainly love.  Among the prizes are Microsoft swag, books, and software.

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