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BREAKING NEWS! DotNetNuke Celebrates Christmas with TWO Core Releases!

With it being Christmas Eve and all, I had told myself to not blog at all today.  I knew I would have time, I just wanted to give it a break.  Well, my better half is out at the store right now, and I just noticed that an announcement that Joe Brinkman made earlier was actually real!  DotNetNuke version 4.09.01 and 5.00.00 (Cambrian) have been released as of this afternoon.  [download link]

I have been listening to Joe mention much of his days recently being spent in management meetings, but there has also been much chatter about there being a lot of development work on getting release packages ready.  I had no idea how close he and the DNN Core Team really were.

I have yet to read the release notes, which I am very excited about.  When the build number has changed, you can better that there are either security updates, bug fixes, or a combination of the two.  So you can pretty much bet that upgrading to version 4.09.01 is a good idea.

Well, I am off to see what they packaged up for us so nicely for Christmas.  Thanks for the Christmas present, Core Team.  You're the best!  You knew just what I wanted!

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