Will "the Mighty" Strohl

The ODUG CodeZone User Group Kit Arrived Today

CodeZone does a great job of taking care of user groups like ours.  I talk about what they do for us at every user group meeting.  One of those things is to provide user groups with a "kit" full of really cool stuff to giveaway. 

At the beginning of each quarter, the user group leaders are allowed to shop through a list of items with points to be used as cash.  These points are earned by the user group through activity on the CodeZone website.  For example, using the registration process, and sending newsletters. 

The ODUG User Group Kit has arrived at my office today, and I was pleasantly surprised and reminded of some of the prizes ordered.  There are lots of really cool prizes, including software, shirts, swag, books, and much more!  If you want some of these goodies, come to the next UG meeting!

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