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Came Home to an Unexpected INETA Box

INETA Community Champion Winner (2008 Q3)If you follow my blog, then you already know that I had unexpectedly won the INETA Community Champions Award for 2008 Q3.  (Q4 nominations end any day now.)  Besides being an obvious honor in recognition of community involvement, a really cool thing about it was that I was awarded my choice of 3 prizes: XBox 360, MSDN Subscription, or $300 prize check.  I chose the XBox 360.  That's super cool all by itself!  However, I found out today, that there was one more thing coming my way...

I initially came home forgetting about the package.  I was sitting cracking open some walnuts, when my daughter brought the package to me.  It was the size of a book, if you've ever ordered a book online.  I noticed it said that it was from INETA.  Immediately, the wheels in my head were turning.  "What could this be," I thought to myself.

Upon opening the box, I saw something very nicely wrapped with a high-quality card on top.  Given the time of year, I began to think that they sent me a Christmas gift.  How nice!  I opened the card, and it read:

Thank you for all that you do for the Developer community. You are appreciated.
- INETA Board of Directors

Sweet!  It is a Christmas gift... Or so I thought.

I opened the wrapped package and read a very nice letter of commendation.  It basically reads about what the program is intended for, and who this gift is going to.  Beyond the letter was a very nice folder.  It is the kind of folder that you use to hold award certificates.

INETA Award Certificate Folder

Inside is, you guess it, an award certificate.  This is all in very high quality, and took a lot of time to plan and coordinate.  It also takes funding and effort from the INETA staff and community.  I still cannot believe that I won the Community Champion Award, but this just tops it all.  This award package is unbelieveable and makes every single time that I got yelled at by the Misses for working on DotNetNuke community stuff, forum posts, blog entries, code camps, and ODUG stuff too much, totally worth it!  ;)  (Not really, but I have been the recepient of quite a few "looks" if you know what I mean.)

Thank you so much to INETA and all of their efforts.  They don't just recognize community involvement, they also make community involvement possible in ways that previously were not available to the .Net community.  This is especiialy true with their user group involvement.  They are incredible!

Here is a picture of the entire award package.

INETA Community Champion Award Package

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