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7 Years Ago: I Met this Woman, For the Second Time in My Life

It is hard to believe what time, fate, and choices will serve up to you over time. If anyone had told even half of what I have today when I was 14, I wouldn't have believed them.  I am Director of Technology for a an outstanding company, RezHub.com.  I have 3 beautiful kids who are all just smart as can be.  And I have the most beautiful and incredible woman, Kim. 

Where We Met

Kim - Sophomore Year in High SchoolI mentioned the age of 14, because that is when I first met Kim.  We attended the same high school, and later I would find out the same middle school as well.  Kim was one of the most beautifuls girls in the school.  Her most memorable features were her captivating and sexy eyes, and to the teenage boy at the time, her enormous boobs.  (Sorry. Just being honest.)  I never asked her out, because I thought I knew what she'd say...  The is man's single-most dumbest assumption.

We went through high school, crossing paths many times.  I was a wrestler, and at one point, she was a wrestlerette (one of the girls that helped the wrestling team set-up and keep time/score at matches).  We were not really friends per se, but most of our friends were mutual friends.  It's pretty safe to say that I would see her often, but not in the same classes, as she was one year ahead of me.  And most times when I'd see her, I would be staring... At her... Uhm... Eyes!

Kim - Senior Year of High SchoolOne story that vividly comes to mind is at one lunch break we had.  We all sat on the table-tops and not the seats of these picnic tables that were outside of the lunch room.  I was checking her out.  And when I say that, what I really mean is that she was wearing one of those "body suits" and I was staring at her boobs.  If you do not remember those, they were stretchy shirts that buttoned over the ladies' underwear area.  (How do you describe that in a classy way?)  Anyhow, she noticed me and said, "What are you looking at? Come here!"  In a teenaged-daze, I walked over to her, and in her true smart-assed tone and abruptly up-front way of facing people, she proceeded to grab my hands and place them on her boobs.  She then said, "There! Now stop staring!"  Needless to say, as a teenager, that was instantly one of my favorite memories from high school and continues to be to this day.

We Met Again

Will Strohl - Marine Corps, showing offSome years passed, and Kim and I had gone our own ways.  I went into the Marine Corps out of high school, and she chose the school and work route.  We had been out of touch for 5 years (not that I ever had her number or anything).  During this time we both lived our lives.  She got married and had two kids.  Being a typical Marine, I saw many women and ended having one child myself.

Eventually, my time with the Marines had ended and I came back home.  Although, I came back with someone.  I brought back a girlfriend I met while I was in California.  After another year, we split up and she went back home to California.  During this time alone, I realized that I had not kept in touch with anyone from high school.  So I signed up on Classmates.com and began sending messages to people that I wanted to talk to again.  I do not know why, but one of those people was Kim.

I began e-mailing old friend and acquaintances, but one e-mail stood out.  Kim had replied to me!  As it turns out, the reply was enthusiastic too!  She was about to end her marriage and was re-connecting to people as well.  She immediately proposed that we meet up.  I was wasting no time in saying yes to that!  We missed each other a couple times as life continued to throw us curve balls, but we eventually did see each other again.

She came to my apartment, and we went out for dinner.  We had a very wonderful dinner with plenty of drinks.  The restaurant we went to was called Durango's and since has closed their doors.  I had beer, and she had our good friend Jose Cuervo.  I would have been drinking that too if I didn't have to drive.  We spoke of old times, current times, and our plans for the future.  As it turns out, we had no idea what the future had in store for us, as we had not been apart ever since, which means 7 short years today.

Valentine's Day, 2003

I love Kim very much.  She does so much for me that I cannot even put into words.  She is there for me at every turn.  I do not know where I would be today if I haven't had her support all this time.  At this point, she is not only my life partner and soul mate, she also doubles as my personal assistant!  She keeps me abreast of everything that I forget.  She is absolutely wonderful!

Thank you so much baby, for loving me as much as you do!  (But remember, I asked you FIRST!!!)

Kim and I (near) Present Day 

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