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Blog & Website Maintenance Update

If you haven't been here before, you wouldn't know two things.  First, I run this website using DotNetNuke┬« (DNN).  Out of the box, DNN comes with everything that pretty much any website will need to function (e-commerce, blogs, forums, file management, security, etc.).  Second, I have been upgrading, reformatting, and organizing the content here as well.  I will be more specific in a future blog as to what I did with DNN to accomplish this, but an overview follows here.

First of all, I upgraded my DNN instance from version 4.05.03 to 4.09.00.  I know, I know...  You know the old analogy that a mechanic never works on their own car?  That analogy often parallels other professions as well.  Next, I upgraded all of the modules.

This bring us to today.  Today, I have split my blog entries into two categories: Personal Edition, and Professional Edition (in the spirit of DNN Professional).  In the Personal category I have all of my personal topics, such as movies, television, family, photography, etc.  The Professional category I have reserved for topics such as .Net, programming performance, but mostly for DotNetNuke┬« specifically.  To make this happen, I created two child blogs in my current "parent" blog with the aforementioned names.  Then, I ran a couple of database queries to move all of my entries to their respective blog category.

Whammo, blammo!  It's all organized!  This allows me to send an RSS feed to the appropriate syndication services without being penalized for invalid content.  Now the last step is to send my XML feeds to the appropriate places.

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