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First Impression of MSDN Developer Conference - Orlando

The MSDN Developer Conference (MDC) is a great event! Basically, it is the "best of" from the PDC that just passed.

The keynote today was given by Ron Jacobs, where he gave us some demos on Windows 7.  He showed us how the services platform will work, shortcut keys and functions, the new taskbar, and tried to show us the new multi-touch functionality in the touchscreen.  Unfortunately, that demo didn't work.  :(  It was intended to be a touchscreen version of Pong where two fingers creates the bar to bounce the ball on the screen. 

The Micrsoft speakers are all wearing really nice black dress shirts with Microsoft branding.  They all look, "kinda like ninjas," my fellow ODUG member said.

There was a TON of networking going on in the main common areas, with one of the breaks even hosting a "tweetup".  This was a meeting of the various people who use Twitter at the event to have a face-to-face meeting.  That was very fun.  There was even code camp and user group planning going on for speakers, content, voluteers, etc.

The area user groups shared two tables in front of the Open Space room.  ODUG of course had their banner out!  :)  Sorry, no pictures.  I forgot my camera today...

One of the most popular features today was the lunch though.  It must've been a 5-star buffet!  There were plenty of items vegetarian-friendly, including a Heart of Palm salad.  The chicken and fish were cooked perfectly, and were packed with flavor.

I am sitting at the user group tables during the last sessions right now.  Unfortunately, I will not be attending yet another after-party.  Tonight's excuse is really good though.  The family and I are attending a sneak preview of The Day the Earth Stood Still.  I have to rush across Orlando to make the premiere following the last session.

Great job hosting this, Microsoft!  It was outstanding!

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