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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Geeks You Know (ThinkGeek.com)

If you know anyone, chances are at least a couple of the people you know have some "geek" in them.  That being said, there is a popular website out there that caters to the geek in us all, by selling some fun and funny products.

Here are a few that caught my eye that pretty much any (male) geek would love!

Crayola Executive Pen

Office Space - Cubicle Kit
Office Space - Initech Employee Award ("no talent ass clown")
Office Space - Red Swingline Stapler

Ninja Electronics Duster

Stickman Action Figure (I just won one through Community Credit)

Santa Vader Bobble Head

There a lot more items that are gift-worthy, but I cannot sit here and list them all.  If in doubt, any of the shirts are a favorite for any geek!  :)

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