Will "the Mighty" Strohl

I'll Be At MDC Orlando on Thursday, Will You?

From what I heard PDC was really great.  There was a lot of great blog posts and general buzz around how great it was.  To follow, MDC was announced, which is rumored to be the "Best of" from PDC.  MDC stands for the MSDN Developer Converence. 

There will be plenty of great speaker there presenting all kinds of cool things from .Net Framework version 4.0, to Silverlight, to Visual Studio 2010, and much more.  I am especially excited about hearing the ASP.Net and jQuery talk from Joe Healy, Christopher Bennage, and Rob Eisenberg.

The admission for MDC is a paltry $99, and you are sure to get much more than $99-worth out of it.  There will also be plenty of vendors there, no doubtedly with giveaways, as well as the local user groups - including the ODUG!


Register now!  There is still time...  You don't want to be the only kid in class without that newest thing-a-ma-jig that they are giving to everyone that attends, do you?

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