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New DotNetNuke Corp. Board Member Announced

The most current issue of the recent DotNetNuke series of press releases announces the newest member of the DotNetNuke Board of Directors, Larry Augustin.  Larry comes from a diverse background in the open source world, where he has founded and IPO'd Sourceforge.Net. He also founded VA Linux, and serves on a multitude of boards in the open source community. 

This news comes to us fast, as the community continues to wait to hear what is in store for them as well.  The future as of late is pure speculation, as little has been said about it on all fronts.

That being said, I am still confident in the abilities and focus of the DNN Corporation and their continued committment to the DNN community.  I have it on good authority that the negative concerns are unnecessary, and efforts are underway to address these concerns.

Do not fret, fellow DNN'ers.  Great things are on their way to us all...

DNN Press Release - website

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