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It Was Upgrade Day Today!!!

Just a couple of hours ago, this site was running on DotNetNuke® version 4.05.03. It was at that version for a variety of reasons, but it all really boiled down to priorities... And my personal sites were not a priority for a while. This changed tonight. Right now, this site is running on DNN version 4.09.00, and all of the modules have been updated too (except for the Reports Module).

I ran into some familiar problems when upgrading from 4.05.03 to 4.06.02 (a necessary step as outlined in a previous blog entry). Luckily, I was familiar with what happened, and I cleared out the extra files that were hosing up the DNN installation. I have also blogged about this in the past.

So, initially, you may not notice anything new except that certain modules have a new look, and the site runs faster. But most of all, this blog module is friggin AWESOME! The DNN Blog Module Team did an outstanding job, and that was one of the main reasons I upgraded! A great big pat on the back goes to Antonio Chargoury and the rest of his team.

I have been seeing all of this really cool functionality on all of these other sites that I manage and deal with. So it feels good to finally have the same functionality. There's a huge weight off now...

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