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Tampa Code Camp 2008 Recap

As you probably already know, I evangelize about DotNetNuke at pretty much every venue that I can.  While this is most often for the Orlando DotNetNuke® Users Group (ODUG), today's venue was at Tampa Code Camp.  As always, these code camps are very well run in our area.  So let's see how it went for me...

First of all, I always give plenty of time to arrive at an unknown destination to account for getting lost.  This usually gets me to places early.  Unfortunately, that was not the case this morning.  I got lost and arrived 10 minutes late.  Joe Healy somehow got my number and called me as I was pulling into the parking lot.  A packed classroom was waiting for me!

I arrived, booted up and gave my presentation, "Introduction to DotNetNuke®" to a full and attentive class.  This session went into why you want to use DotNetNuke®, and how to install/upgrade/uninstall it.  I was pleased to entertain many questions throughout the duration.  Unfortunately, the loss of time prevented me from going over the upgrade demo.  The updated slide deck is on the ODUG website.

Everyone that was waiting for me was extremely understanding and helpful when I arrived.  Thank you so much!  I had people asking if I wanted coffee and breakfast, and offering to set-up my system, etc.  One thing to note: since I arrived late, I was not able to record the first session.  Sorry.  :(

The next session went equally well, but was even better since I had the full session time to use.  This session was titled, "Common Administrative Techniques for DotNetNuke®" and went over many of the common ways that one might need to manage the way DNN functions.  We only had two open seats in the previous session, and this one had people standing due to no seats being left.  Interestingly, my laptop just about ran out of power when the session ended.  Afterwards, I got what every presenter likes to hear, applause.  Yeah!  I nailed it!  Hehehe...

Stan Schultes rounded out the DNN sessions with "Custom Module Development in DotNetNuke 5".  His presentation was basically an abbreviated excerpt of the upcoming Professional DotNetNuke 5 book, Chapters 12 through 15.  The sessions are each 1 hour, and he really needed 2 hours to accomplish everything he wanted.  The content was so good though that the entire class stayed halfway through lunch to hear and see what he had to say.  It was amazing.  What geek turns down a free meal?!

Stan did a masterful job, and most notedly, he finally found out what the conflict is between his laptop and projectors.  Therefore, he started on-time!  Those of you who don't know Stan, this is an amusing problem.  He basically fights with projectors prior to many presentations. 

We each had soooooo many DNN questions that is was difficult to keep up with who we were talking to and who asked what.  It was very cool.  There wasn't an Open Space at this particular code camp, so I kept plugging the ODUG to people for more information.  There were people coming to me asking about DNN left and right during lunch and in the main hallway.  What a great crowd in Tampa!

Here are some pretty cool moments:

  • A great compliment I received was that my technical editing job was the best that was ever seen.  This, coming from someone who has been writing professionally for many years and various publications!  I was honored.  What was ironic was the fact that the referenced editing job was my very first one.
  • I was able to score a DotNetNuke track in the South Florida Code Camp in February.  Plans have already been executed to gather speakers and content.

The whole time I was at code camp, the family was having a blast at Busch Gardens.  My daughter rode Shreikra 4 times!  That is my favorite roller coaster.  It is AWESOME!  A little while after lunch, I left the code camp to join them.  We had a great time, then trekked home to Orlando.

That's it!  I hope to see you all at our next ODUG meeting, or at least as a viewer in our live stream of the meeting.

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