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One Step Closer: Professional DotNetNuke 5 book by Wrox

Professional DotNetNuke 5 by WroxSome of you know already that I have had the honor of being one of the technical editors on the new Professional DotNetNuke 5 book by Wrox. What you may not know is that my editing work is done!

This looks like it may mean that the book is nearing completion. Depending on what the final release version of DotNetNuke® 5 has in store for us, this will be true. However, I do know that one of the widgets just got checked back in for DNN v5. If anything has changed in terms of functionality or the user interface, then there will be at least one chapter needing to be revised.

There's that, and I know of two Wrox Blox on DotNetNuke® that will be released in the near future as well. They have some great content, so keep your eyes peeled for them! :)

About the Authors

All of the authors live somewhere in the state of Florida. Apparently there is a huge amount of DNN passion here in the Sunshine State. All of the authors (and some of the editors) also speak regularly at various code camps and user group meetings. That being said, you can meet me and at least one of the authors at Tampa Code Camp this Saturday! I hope to see you all there! There is still time to register...

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