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Breaking News for DotNetNuke Users World Wide!

Those of us that have been somewhat close to the loop knew that some really big news was coming down the pipe for some time now.  We have been waiting on pins and needles to see what it might be.  Well, PRWeb has the news before the DNN website released it.

DotNetNuke has scored Series A funding from August Capital and Sierra Ventures.  What does this mean to the DotNetNuke community?  Well, truthfully, that remains to be seen.  However, initial thoughts and reports are that this will help spur on a ton of development to move the DNN platform further and faster than ever before.  What this means is even faster release cycles, higher quality releases, and enterprise level features being incorporated into the core.  Think of things like SAP integration and other enterprise tools.  (I have not heard of DNN actually integrating that. It was just an example.)

This will make the DNN eco system stronger on all levels, and it will give even the lowest consultant more leverage to use to sell the DNN platform to clients.  Once the first wave of enterprise features are released, just imagine what the DNN eco system will look like in terms of modules and providers alone!

Congratulations to the Core DNN for not only earning this, but also securing the future of so many of us whose careers now revolve around DotNetNuke!

Press Release


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