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The ODUG Meeting was Outstanding!

Last night was the November Orlando DotNetNuke® Users Group Meeting (ODUG).  It also marked the first ODUG meeting that was broadcast live over the Internet, as well as being the first meeting at our newest venue.  I must thank Antonio Chagoury for inspiring me to make this happen.  We had 17 people registered to attend and 13 showed up.  We used UStream to broadcast the meeting.  Their application told me that at our peak, we had 5 viewers, but I believe that it was actually much more than that.

Our November meeting was sponsored by:

David Bayer, CEO of Databanq MediaDavid Bayer, CEO of Databanq Media, spoke to the ODUG about how he has leveraged his business using DotNetNuke®.  His company specializes in building out websites that use search engine optimization techniques to generate revenue through referrals, affiliates, and lead building.  Websites used to cost his company approximately $700,000 and 6 months worth of work.  Now, using DotNetNuke®, his team can roll out a new site in a week, at an approximate cost of $7,000.  His presentation was great.  He gave us some insight into the “secret sauce” that his company has executed to generate revenues in the tens of thousands of dollars per website each month.

Brian Scarbeau & Darrell Hardy, Co-Authors of Professional DotNetNuke 5 by WroxTo finish up the meeting, I put two of the attendees on the spot.  Brian Scarbeau and Darrell Hardy were in attendance, and they are also co-authors of the upcoming Professional DotNetNuke 5 book by WroxBrian Scarbeau is also an ODUG member and its founder.  It appears that Darrell will also be an ODUG member going forward.

Brian and Darrell were gracious enough to do a Q&A with the ODUG members about the book and their experiences writing it.  Most interesting was how the authors were all selected, and the process they have gone through so far.  We were also given some great teasers into the content.  Overall, this book sounds like a great buy for anyone new to the DotNetNuke® world, or to those who want to get a great insight into the new features of DotNetNuke® 5. 

We were also streaming the user group meeting out to anyone who wanted to watch, using UStream.  I learned quite a bit about streaming video that I wish I had learned earlier.  (Why is it that testing doesn’t always reveal everything you hoped to avoid?)  Thanks to the problems I experienced last night, future meetings that much better.  I have no doubt that future streams of our meetings will go uninterrupted.

You might be wondering what the problems were.  First off, I had tested under what turned out to be optimum conditions prior.  The meeting location has a dedicated DSL connection, and as it turned out, this was not enough to stream the meeting in the highest quality that I was trying to provide.  UStream offers a feature where you can use the Flash Media Encoder to stream video to the Internet.  What I didn’t know going into this is that the FME requires a great deal of bandwidth that is not available to a typical DSL connection.  Once I stopped using the FME, the stream was uninterrupted and fast.

Overall, the meeting was a fantastic success!  Although UStream reported 5 viewers at our peak, I had a lot of feedback from folks who were watching our stream, making me believe that the viewer counter is not very accurate.  Among those folks were Nik Kalyani (DotNetNuke Corp.) , Tom Kraak (Seablick Consulting), Ian Robinson (Engage Software), and others.  It was great to have immediate feedback from our remote attendees during the meeting.  I made sure to stay in contact with everyone via our online chat, Twitter, text message, and e-mail.  It was quite a logistical feat now that I have had time to think about it more.  :)

Our future meetings should prove to only get better, become more popular, further reaching, and have a higher quality of content and content distribution.  I already have some really cool presentations lined up beginning in January!

I would like to thank all of our sponsors this month:

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