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*EDITED* Some people associated with EntitySpaces have since placed comments and sent me e-mails regarding this post. As with any web site or blog you, the reader, should make up your own mind about things. Since I admittedly have not done 100% research on EntitySpaces, before you use this or any other product, you indeed should perform 100% research before dedicating your time and/or finances to the product.

In case you do not get the meaning of this blog title, DotNetNuke is greater than EntitySpaces. :)

So, since I use the Google Adsense in my blog and whenever I mention DotNetNuke, EntitySpaces ads appear, please do everyone a favor and DO NOT click on the EntitySpaces ads. If you need an online content management system for you business, intranet, home or family web site - then there is only one choice for the money -DOTNETNUKE! Yes, both DNN and EntitySpaces are free, but DNN has a proven track record and we KNOW that they will be around for a while with support and even better community support.

Don't do what I did. I built my own portal. It took 3 months and then DNN was released with more options. Visit DotNetNuke.com today. :)

That sounded like a commercial. Yuck!

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