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Community Credit Submission Made Easy

Today must've been Antonio Chagoury day, because all roads have led back to him.  In preparation for tomorrow's ODUG meeting, I have been catching up on my DotNetNuke® blog reading and DNN news, and his blogs kept being at the end of the line for every path I took!  That is certainly a testament to his impact on the community right now.  Great work, Antonio!

Anyhow, one of the things that took up a bunch of my time tonight is a software program that he wrote for the Community Credit program.  It is sometimes a pain to use the Community Credit website, as the postbacks occassionally hang, and there are a couple of bugs that I run into that annoy me.

The software that he wrote is called Community Credit Studio, and can be found on CodePlex.  As of this evening, it only has 52 downloads, but I expect that to rise.

Community Credit Studio version 0.09.00

This desktop program basically emulates the web form, but without the nasty postback.  Apparently, the original idea arose from David Silverlight, the Community Credit founder, asking Antonio to add the Community Credit submissions as a feature to the DNN Blog Module. Since Antonio is the Blog Module Project Team Lead, it was worth asking.  However, the request came too late to make it into the current release.

I have been using the program pretty extensively tonight, in an attempt to make it back to recording my community involvement.  I must say, that although there are no bells and whistles that I noticed, it does exactly what I expected it to do.  It is missing some usability features, but works great!

If you participate in the Community Credit website, I would suggest trying the program out.  Go ahead!  Give it a test run!

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