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Wha...? The ACTUAL INETA Community Champion Award to Moi?

I received the INETA newsletter e-mail recently, and while scanning through it, I stumbled across my name.  It was listed with the quarter 3 Community Champion Winners.  Knowing how difficult it is to win this award, I was floored.  In fact, I just wrote it off to being a typo.  Especially since I had recently helped test their new Silverlight submission application.  I figured, I just might be on someone's mind or something.

Well, today I checked my e-mail only to see a follow-up confirmation e-mail with a copy of the Community Champions graphic.

INETA Community Champions Winner

I cannot believe that I won this.  It is a big deal!  Pinch me!  Ouch!!!  Thank you so much to INETA and everyone that has helped me along the way.  Those people are what inspired me to help others in the .Net community.  Now I just need to choose between their prizes!

I hope their web site gets updated soon, so you know I'm not lying.  :)

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