Will "the Mighty" Strohl

SubSonic Comes Back with a Vengeance!

I almost exclusively use SubSonic as my DAL to provide a quick, easy, and thoughtless way of getting to my data, and worry about my business logic.

Well, Rob Conery has used his massive brain (and programming laziness, explained in his post - we all have that gene) to put together the best installment of SubSonic yet, in version 3.  In his blog post, he details the journey and what is to come.  So, I will not bore you with my dribble.

I will leave you with this nugget of information though.  He was hired onto the Microsoft team mostly as a result of what he was able to accomplish with SubSonic.  Now, he brings his inside knowledge to us by marrying SubSonic and Linq together!  Unfortunately though, it's not backwards compatible.  I am afraid with the overhaul, that this was not possible.

Seriously, read his blog post!  :)

11/13/2008 - Rob Conery has another preview blog post:

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