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DotNetNuke® News from OpenForce (remotely)

Since Shaun Walker stepped off of stage, Twitter has gone quiet.  However, only moments ago it was alive with comments and updates, as was Tom Kraak's blog.  He was using a "live blog" to send up to the second updates on what was being announced and spoken about during the keynote.

On Twitter though, Antonio Chargouy was generous enough to stream Shaun's keynote to those of us who couldn't attend.  Thank you SO much, Antonio!

(He is still streaming sessions while he is there.)

If you have been plugged into the DNN Blogs or attended a prior OpenForce (Europe, Orlando), there didn' t appear to be a whole lot that you wouldn't have already known or been able to intuit on your own.  However, a very nerve-racking announcement was made before Shaun left the stage.


At first, it sounded like he said that DotNetNuke® was going to be re-branded as "DotNetNuke® Community Edition".  It would remain free, and available to all.  However, there would be also be a paid version, called "DotNetNuke® Professional".  This one would come with support that we already are familiar with, in terms of their paid subscription program.

Initial buzz says that nothing has changed in terms of the community, DNN remaining free and open source, but just looking at the new names, you cannot assume that will always be the case.  This appears at all angles to be the first step to something else.  Perhaps to be announced next year.


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