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DotNetNuke® Module for Twitter

Joe Brinkman is a man that somehow has time for personal projects.  I don't know how.  Maybe we need to bring back TechTV and have reality shows that follow folks like him to show us how they are able to multitask so efficiently....

Anyhow, he wanted to show a feed of Twitter comments on the OpenForce web site.  When embarking on this journey, he ended up creating a fantastic module that basically wraps existing widget functionality from Monitter.  (Can you say, "Brilliant?!"  Less code is more code...)

This module release is less than an hour old.

The result is a fantastic first release of a free module available on CodePlex.  If you are a user or business utilizing DotNetNuke® and Twitter, this is a must-have tool to help you leverage Twitter.  It is kind of like having a real-time "Google Alert" for Twitter.

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