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Submitted Sessions to Tampa Code Camp

Tampa Code Camp is coming up in December.  I just submitted four sessions to present.  A couple are my typical sessions, but just in case, I also submitted two others.  Here they are in the order that they were submitted.

Introduction to DotNetNuke®
Have you heard of DotNetNuke® but don't know where to start? This session will walk you through an installation of DotNetNuke®. Once it is installed, we will walk through some of its more prominent features, and what makes it so powerful. Finally, we will walk through an upgrade of DotNetNuke®. At the end of the session, you should be ready to run off and start your own DotNetNuke® web site.

Introduction to Skinning DotNetNuke®
Do you have a DotNetNuke® web site and don’t know how to make it look good?  This session will walk you through how to apply a design to a DotNetNuke® web site. It can be as easy as creating a series of HTML web pages. We will walk through the planning, execution and modification of skins in the DotNetNuke®DotNetNuke® web site, and what you can do to sell them. environment. You will learn how to create the HTML, package your skin, install it on a

Common DotNetNuke® Administration Techniques
It is one thing to install a DotNetNuke® web site, but it is a whole different thing to administrate it over time.  In this session we will go over many of the common techniques that are used to manage a DotNetNuke® web site.  It doesn’t matter if your site is used for a blog, for a company Intranet, e-commerce, or is not released yet.  There is something for everyone in this session.

Managing DotNetNuke® Using SQL Server
Do you have a DotNetNuke® web site?  Has making updates become simply overwhelming, or do you want a fast way to make updates across the entire installation? There are ways to manage nearly all aspects of DotNetNuke® from the SQL Server, without ever having opened the web site.

I doubt all will be accepted.  I hope to see you there!

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