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DotNetNuke 5.0 Professional by Wrox

Those of you that know me, know that I collect "wrox".  ;)

Florida has proved to be full of DNN users, developers, skinners, and enthusiasts.  Wrox recognized this.  They chose all of the authors for the next DotNetNuke® book from Florida.  This next book is titled, "Professional DotNetNuke® 5".  It is already available on pre-order from Amazon, but as of this blog entry is not due to be released until April 2009.  The last I heard, the authors were going through their final edits.

The authors are Brian Scarbeau, Ryan Morgan, Stan Schultes, and Darrell Hardy.  All of these folks are well-rooted and well-versed in DotNetNuke® and the DotNetNuke® community.  All of these gentlemen give back to the project in one or more ways, including regularly mentoring and speaking about DotNetNuke® at code camps and user groups.

If you feel you need any book to get more information about DNN 5.0 (Cambrian), then I HIGHLY suggest that you pick up this one.  These gentlement really know their stuff.

Anyhow, I really meant for this post to be a plug for the book.  One of the authors, Brian Scarbeau, has posted about a 37% pre-order discount on his blog.  Reserve your copy today!  :)

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